[Glade-devel] Improved FileChooser Dialog

Vincent Geddes wrote:
Hello. I have not made much progress with the palette :-(, so I have
been fiddling around with some other things in glade. I have made a few
small improvements to Glade's FileChooser dialog. Please consider my
patch :-)

Added file filters "All Files", "Glade Files" to FileChooser Dialog

FileChooser save dialog uses 'project->name' or 'project->path' as
initial selected filename so that dialog is more intuitive to user. 

    I was thinking of you; I was thinking poor guy, he asked
for something not too too chalanging and then we ruthlessly
piled on these requirements/wishlist items.

Dont worry about it; I hope you're not too discouraged ;-)

I'll review and ponder the patch tonight and get back to you.


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