[Glade-devel] Patch: Manage all the menu item sensitivities

Hello Tristan

Have written code for the management of all the GtkAction sensitivities
in the user interface.


1. Separated all the menu actions into two action groups:

   The actions in the 'static_actions' group are always sensitive,
   since the user should be able activate them even if
   no project is open.

   The actions in the 'project_actions' group are desensitized when
   all projects have been closed.

2. Detection of read-only files. Can now preempt users from trying to
   save a read-only project file.

3. Detection of correct state so that Cut/Copy/Paste/Delete actions
   can be carried out.

4. Hacked on the Undo/Redo code. No more "Undo: " labels if there
   is no command description.

ChangeLog Entry

2006-04-07  Vincent Geddes <vgeddes metroweb co za>

        * src/glade-project-window.c: 
           o Manage the sensitivities of all the ui actions.
           o Fix some issues with the Undo & Redo actions.

        * src/glade-project.[ch]: 
          o Detect if project file is read-only. New property
          o Detect if project has a selection. New property

        * src/glade-clipboard.[ch]: 
          o Detect if clipboard has selected items to paste. 
            New property "has-selection"

        * src/glade-utils.h: New function: 
          glade_util_file_is_writeable ().


Vincent Geddes

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