Re: [Glade-devel] Use of libglade with languages other than C

   replying publicly so that others may offer their

Thanls, I meant to too, sorry.

Thanks for your awnser

 My idea was to use the base widget (or a similar widget)
in the
editor, so that object references are satisfied, (ie in my
example, glade
 should load and introspect GtkEntry) ,to specify the
differences in 
the description (so that the developper has acces to design
time properties)
, and only substitute the _real_ widget when the application
is run (ie with glade# 
in this case). In a nut shell, the glade IDE only really
works with the similar class (ie 
GtkEntry) and not the real class (ie ChkEntry), but saves
the .glade using the real class, 
which is then loaded by glade# (in my example). In theory
this should addresse
your concernes about the loading into the IDE, the big if
left being how glade# works 
(mostly mono, or a skin over libglade).

At first sight I don't like this idea, it is definitly possible
to accomplish but it leaves much to be desired in regards
to the added complexity of the glade-3 codebase.

If libglade (or glade#) is cabable of loading objects
written in other languages why cant glade-3 ?
Glade# in it's current state (as a thin wrapper arround
can't, that said there has been talk of moving
some of it to managed code (in order to take advantage of
resources etc...)
which would resolve the problem in one, and be not (too) 
much work.
I know that I can dlopen a c++ binary from a C program
and execute the code with no problems, can we do the same
with C# ?

The problem is that C# doesn't compile to machine code, but
to CIL 
byte code.

Maybe its still just a matter of writing a glade plugin
library with a C wrapper accessor to a C# library ?
Could mono be used for that ?

Mabey, I'd have to check. Could explaine how libbeagle works.


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