[Glade-devel] Re: glade-3 combo

Yannis wrote:
does anybody use glade-3? well i recently decided to give it a try
from glade-2 but i am facing the following problem. There are no more
GtkComboBoxEntry only GtkCombo which is OK. However where to I specify
the items as in Glade-2 I was able to do so.

Firstly, sorry for the late response; you're mail kind of got lost
in my home inbox and I havent got around to answering it untill now.

glade-3 is still heavily in development, but we are at a stage where
we need to tie up all the loose ends; GtkCombo is one of those loose
ends; currently we are focusing on GtkMenu & GtkToolbar editors and
I hope to get a treeview column editor in there soon, GtkCombo shouldn't
be as complex as these so I added a bugzilla item (321618) and I'll
try to adress it as soon as possible.


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