[Glade-devel] Rubberband Selection Solution?

On 5/25/05, Andy Somerville <andy somerville gmail com> wrote:

Id love to hear you comments.


I am far from being an GUI designer guru, but your idea brought me some 

1 - using a rubberband selection may tell the user that she can select more 
than one widget. I think it is not possible by now with glade. And even if 
it is possible, multi-selection of widgets is not very useful on GUI 
editing. Generally it is confusing and the expected results are ambiguous 
(except from deleting). Another thing: how do you will select hidden widgets 
like menuitems and expander children?

2 - doing it with an transparent window is really possible? And what about 
portability? Could this affect non-X11 users?

3 - instead of multi-selecting, think of a simple but smart GUI editing. 
Look at gazpacho, context sensitive menus. I think that this kind of 
approach is much interesting and should be more explored.

4 - what about more druids. There could be druids for repetitive actions 
like creating actions/groups, menus, toolbars...

[Eric Jardim]
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