[Glade-devel] glade-3 status report

Hi all,
     I havent been writing to this list too too much lately, sorry.
(I also drifted and didn't hack on glade-3 for a couple of months)

Here is a list I threw together of especially noteworthy things that
have been happening and things that still need to happen :)

Things that got done lately:

     - Used Ivan Wongs patch for "special-child-type" to fix packing "type" properties to
       be compatible with glade-2 files (and hanlde notebook tabs, frame labels and such
       in a nice fashion (also made glade-3 save & load "Placeholder" tags like glade-2).

     - Dock widget tree in project window (Andy Somerville)

     - Implemented "Properties" context menu item (selects widget and shows/raises
       property editor while leaving the GladeApp in control of the editor raised

     - Implemented catalog dependancies (i.e. gnome catalog should depend on gtk+
       catalog for "catalog metatdata" inheritence to work properly).

     - Now GtkButton, GtkFrame are created with default children (GtkButton is created
       with a default child GtkLabel and GtkFrame creates a default GtkLabel for its
       label_item (both "label" properties are now disabled), TODO: Notebook should
       do the same, for now it just creates placeholders in the tabs.

     - Now GladePropertyClass data has control new controls:
           - save     (whether this property should be saved to the glade file)
          - visible  (whether we can edit this property in the editor)
           - ignore   (whether we should actually update the run-time object with
                       property values)

     - Seriously enhanced GladeProperty interface
           - Now GladeProperty is GObject, featuring "value-changed" signal and a slew
             of properties (including "sensitive", "enabled" etc...).
           - Added va_list/... versions of set/get functions with convinience complements
             in GladeWidget (i.e. glade_widget_property_set (widget, "size", 42); )
           - Added glade_widget_property_reset () and gboolean glade_widget_property_default

     - Implemented a general purpose "stock" GParamSpec, with a complimenting enum GType
       generated by gtk_stock_list_ids (). (Editor also updated to make cute dropdown lists
       for stock properties)

     - Started implementing some special case code in the plugin, i.e. Made use of all
       these new features to make GtkButton & GtkImage a nicer user experience.

     - About a month ago we got "recent files" (and config file handleing)
       implemented (Juan Pablo Ugarte)

Things that still seriously need doing:

     - Deal with dialogs and composite widgets smartly
       (There might not be any big problems aside from bug 155987, but
       the way we handle them and there internal widgets & user added
       children, it needs to be seriously thought out).

     - GtkFixed needs better support, I was thinking of a module that
       handles "button-*-event"s etc for a given widget and then implements
       glade_command_create and handles widget deletion etc.
       (resizes and drags could be still handled in the plugin backend, i.e.
        the plugin could attatch to a signal "drag" or "resize" and set
        propeties on the passed child widget such as "x","y",

     - i18n'ness still needs to be finished (Richard Hult already got a
       great deal done here)

     - Write custom menu editor and toolbar editor (and implement plugin
       entry point for custom editors); this should be alot easier with
       the recent GladeProperty enhancements.

     - Add the rest of the Gtk+ widgets and implement good plugin code
       for them where needed (including the non GtkWidget classes)

     - Add Gnome widget catalog

     - Hmmm, please let me know if I missed a dozen or two things here
       its looking pretty good.


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