[Glade-devel] Glade3 Problems

On Sun, 20 Feb 2005 11:02:44 +0530, Naba Kumar <kh_naba gmx net> wrote:
Make sure that you have checked out LIBGLADE_INTEGRATION branch of
glade3. That's where most development is going now.

You will also need to checkout libglade from cvs and apply this patch:


This is starting to be a never ending story and its really killing the project;

Unfortunatly I dont currently have the time to actively develop on glade-3
untill mid-march or april so I have to leave things in the air as far as 
development goes.

As this is looking like a loose end, I'm prepared to cut the dependancy & move
back to HEAD (this will require integrating load/save capabilities
into the glade-3
application). This is the number one glade-3 priority AFAICS.

I think you should work in glade3 as it requires more improvements in
HIG too.

I wouldn't say that glade3 is in it's "final polish stages" but a little HIG 
improvements couldn't hurt ;-)


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