[Glade-devel] possible inconsistency in .glade files

On Mon, 2005-02-14 at 10:46, Lorenzo Gil Sanchez wrote:

I've do some tests with Glade-2 and when saving them into .glade files I
realized that it seems to be a inconsistency related with internal-

For example, save a GtkWindow with a GtkFrame on it (frame.glade) and
save a GtkFileChooserDialog (filechooser.glade). These widgets, frame
and dialog, have both internal children: The Frame has a 'label-widget'
property that is the internal child, the FileChooserDialog has 'vbox'
and 'action_area' properties. I attach the files for reference.

When saved, the frame just use another regular <child> for the label and
use a packing property to know that it is a internal children. The
dialog use the special <child internal-child=""> tag for the vbox and
action_area, which, in my opinion is the way to go.

Is this a bug? Is there a special reason to handle the Frame like this?

The <child internal-child=""> thing is used for children that are
created as part of the parent, and always exist (so don't need to be
created by Glade/libglade). GTK+ has builtin support for these as well.

For some things like notebook tabs, expander labels and frame labels
this doesn't work, since the widgets may or may not exist and there may
be several of them. So we currently use the "type" packing property as a
slight hack.


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