[Glade-devel] Colaboration about changes in the glade format


as some of you have already talk, the glade file format need to be
changed to support GObjects aswell as GtkWidgets. This way we can store
UIManager based Menubars and Toolbars, TreeView Columns definitions,
SizeGroups and many other things.

I'm the main developer of Gazpacho, an application very similar to
Glade, but written in python and I have already done some work towards
the UIManager support. I have a proposal for the changes I think are
needed for glade and libglade. You can read it here:


As Glade-3 has the same problem here as Gazpacho, I would like to work
together to get a specification which is useful for both programs.

I hope this helps

Lorenzo Gil Sanchez <lgs sicem biz>

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