[Glade-devel] First go at Glade 3 ... some bugs found

Daniel Kasak wrote:

Firstly, clicking on widgets the widget tree doesn't appear to select 
them - ie in the properties window, there are NO properties, as if no 
widget was selected.

Hmm, are you sure you are clicking on a "widget" and not a "placeholder"
(glade-2 behaves the same way in this respect, clicking on placeholders
clear the selection). otherwise maybe this is related to the bug
outlined below...

Next, if I open glade, open an existing glade project, and use the 
widget tree to find a widget, and then select it, glade segfaults every 
time. This only happens every time if I haven't yet selected a widget in 
the 'normal' way, ie the preview window thing.

I think this might be related to a bug I've been searching for for a while
now, thing is; I cant seem to reproduce it consistantly.

The graphist where I work (we use glade-3 extensively there with a
custom toolkit) reported segfaults in some situations when selecting
widgets through the project view, but it seems to happen sporadicly.

I also think this mysterious thing might be related:

Can you send a stack trace from the segfault please ?

That should (I hope) give me a clue as to whats happening,
maybe you found the magic sequence to reproduce the bug;
Is there a specific glade file your using to reproduce the crash ?


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