[Glade-devel] SetProperty/GetProperty functions

Hi all,
    I need to make a change to the GladePropertyClass->get_function and
GladePropertyClass->set_function signatures.

Here is the reason:
    In the xml files there is an implicit value "ignore" used for not actualy
applying properties to the object at runtime (like "modal" and "type" on the
GtkWindow if you read my previous mail).

I would like these properties to be saved to the glade file and that wont work
with the current ignore() {} noop.

So I'm about to write a generic get/set function that doesn't touch to object
except to do a g_object_set_data(... "glade_namespace_%s" ) of the value
of the property.

So for that I need change the signature:
        void (*set_function) (GObject *object,
                              const GValue *value);
        void (*set_function) (GObject *object,
                              const gchar *name,
                              const GValue *value);

Anyway, you all get my meaning ;-)

If there are any objections, bring it on !


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