[Glade-devel] [PATCH] G_PARAM_CONSTRUCT_ONLY and more...

On Wed, 2004-10-13 at 19:24, Tristan Van Berkom wrote:
Hello all,
   I've sent this patch to bugzilla and it pretty much describes the state of
my current source tree.

    I fixed the segfault that happens every time a widget is destroyed and
its class is accessed (thankyou valgrind ;-D); this patch includes the fixed
implementation, the deprication of flags on the GladeWidgetClass struct
and the fix for G_PARAM_CONSTRUCT_ONLY, the draw_nodes_idle
code in glade-utils is alot safer too.

I don't think the draw_nodes_idle changes are correct.
Widgets may have several windows, but your patch changes the code so it
only draws over the main one, widget->window. Why do you think it is

I think you should also resist the temptation to make non-essential
changes like cutting down line lengths. It just makes patch reviewing


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