[Glade-devel] glade3 hopefull revival

Hello !
    Now that this list is up, I can ramble on publicly ;-)

A little introduction in case there is anyone here that I didn't
contact privately;
    I'm working on a plugin to glade3 for a kit of eccentric custom gtk widgets,
since glade3 is in an unfinished, semi-usable state; I'm consequently
also working on glade3.

My main goals that extend glade3 are:
    - To enable GObjects other than GtkWidgets to be added through the editor.
    - To enable any GObject to have "container" ability.

This implies also that there must be a method of selecting children that
do not occupy any screen area (and those children's children etc.)

I should actualy drop this reference:

As this list was "down" I wrote to gtk-devel, and hope maybe some people
here can reply to that mini-rfc.

Right now, 
    I've rendered "GtkFixed" manipulation "usable", I've done
this completely in the gladegtk plugin library by attatching to
in glade_gtk_fixed_post_create() and creating a GtkMenu that allows the user
    - Create placeholder widgets inside the GtkFixed (popup menu which asks
      the user for the new placeholder's dimentions).
    - Clear all placeholders.

I haven't really touched upon the items described in my mini-rfc but intend to
be hacking into that by next week.

Some pertinent questions:
    - Is there a maintainer that wishes to pick this back up ?
      (If not, I hereby volunteer myself; although I do not currently
      have a gnome cvs account, sooooooo....).
    - Is there anyone who wants to test out my patches and send me
      some feedback ?

Some issues I'd like to tackle, if anyone has some ideas:
    - I'm not 100% sure about this yet, but I think that inheritence
      of "things described in the xml catalog" (i.e.
`glade_widget_class_merge()' )
      is broken if the xml files in the catalog are not listed in a
specific order;
      I'd like to iron that out.
    - G_PARAM_CONSTRUCT_ONLY paramaters need to be handled;
      possibly by recreating the GObject in question every time the property
      changes, I'm not sure what issues that will raise as far as
widget reparenting
      goes etc... but it shouldn't be too hard (looking at
glade_widget_set_widget() )

Well, for now I guess that just about covers it ;-)


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