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Thank you for your patch. I have something to suggest with regards to
by the way, so perhaps I can ask here. I don't know if GtkNotebook
supports them at
all or how they should be supported (perhaps this is more of a GTK+
question?), but
when you make a notebook you don't have too much room for names. So I wonder
if notebook supports tooltips, and if it doesn't then whether it can
be modified to
support them in the GTK source code, and then the same for glade. What is
the show popup propery of notebook for?

Anyways, I see a gtk_notebook_set_menu_label method (note sure what the
difference between a menu label and a tabl label is, maybe someone can explain?
Can a notebook have both?

BTW, an unrelated question: is there a function to check
whether a widget is in the raised state? I thought GDK might
have such a method, but maybe there is no such thing as raised
state. Anyone?




On Tue, 02 Nov 2004 00:05:57 +1100, Shane Butler
<shane_b users sourceforge net> wrote:
Hi Guys,

Ive submitted my patch to bugzilla:

Can someone review and commit if its ok?

I will continue to look how GtkNotebook support can be improved, like if
we should allow any widgte in the tab label area like glade-2 does.

Cheers, Shane

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