[Glade-devel] [Glade3] GtkBoxes (eg vbox) not loading properly [PATCH]

Hi Shane,

Shane wrote:

Hi guys,

Here is a patch to fix a problem in the loading of vboxes, 
etc. When loading a .glade file that had a vbox you would get 
it would be bigger than it should have been.

When I load your demo-of-problem.glade, everything seems ok.
Can you describe in more detail where is the problem?

Actually only 
gtkbox.xml had to be changed so that the Default size of 3 
was an OptionalDefault and the Min size was 1.

OptionalDefault can only hold true or false (not '3'). It's the initial
value of the "Optional" attribute, that it's given to a property that should
have a checkbox to let the user change it or not (as the width and height
requests of a widget).

It looks safe to put the Min size to 1 instead of 0, but I would like to
know exactly what problem are your experiencing before changing anything.

Thank you for your patch, and sorry for the delay in replying.


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