[Glade-devel] [glade-3] Widget selection not working well

Damon wrote:

Currently it is impossible to select some widgets in glade-3, e.g.
GtkLabel, GtkEntry.

Like drawing selection rectangles, this was quite tricky to 
get working in glade-2, and I even had to change it slightly 
to work with GTK+ 2.6.

Any objections to porting the glade-2 code over (and 
tidying/simplifying it if possible)?

glade-2 now connects to the "event" signal for all widgets 
(including any internal children). It does this as this 
signal is emitted before "button_press"/"button_release", so 
it gives Glade a better chance to intercept signals before 
the widget's own code is run.

Ok, no problem with me.


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