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I had said that I'll be working on the Menu Editor, but I haven't really wo=
on it. So just to tell you guys, if anyone wants to, please go ahead and wo=
on it.=20

On a related note, I'd really like to see the Menu Editor to start supporti=
the GtkUIManager, but Damon had suggested against it in another thread.=20

Archit Baweja

Paolo Borelli <pborelli katamail com> writes:

On Wed, 2004-06-30 at 02:23 +0200, Micha=C5=82 Byrecki wrote:
Hello again.
I'm beginning a familiar with the code of glade-3 now, and i see, there
is only one function:
GtkWidget* glade_menu_editor_new (GladeProject *project, GtkMenuShell
I assume there is no code, which would allow me to change the
menu i've already created?
Actually there is some code in glade-menu-editor.[ch], but it's pretty
much broken (as you can see from the TODO file). The menu editor is one
of the main missing pieces from glade3. What is there now is a port of
the menu editor of glade2, but it needs work to make it fit into the
glade3 structure.
Beside, as you may know, gtk+-2.4 has a new way of creating menus
(GtkUIManager) and it's yet undecided if and how to add support for it
in glade.
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