[Glade-devel] Response-id property (incompatible change in glade file format needed?)


I've been working on the handling of the response-id pseudo-property on
buttons inside a GtkDialog.

After talking a bit with Owen and Matthias on IRC about where something as
response-id belongs (as for glade it would be good if it was a real
property), there was consensus about the idea that it's a king of
child-property, except that it doesn't just applies to direct children of

We discussed a bit different ways to implement such a child-property (or
descendant-property). One idea was to inherit privately GtkHButtonBox in
GtkDialog and add a new child-property "response-id" there, another idea was
to create the concept of descendant-properties in GtkContainer (properties
that applies to all the descendants of a container).

At the end of the discussion (Owen was not there anymore) Matthias added
that in fact, you may want to customize to which exact widgets a
child-property applies. In this case, the child-property "respose-id" would
only apply to buttons inside the GtkHButtonBox of the GtkDialog.

I played a bit with this idea, and added a way in glade-3 to add a function
to customize to which descendants apply a child-property, and then
synthesized a virtual response-id child-property in GtkDialog.

It works perfectly, except for the fact that glade-2 & libglade expect
"response-id" to be a fake property of GtkButton, and not a fake

Damon & James, what would you think about changing "response-id" to a
child-property?  I don't like "almost" compatible formats, so I guess that
Damon would like to leave glade-2 like it is right now, but I would like to
at least have libglade support "response-id" as a child-property.

(P.S.: I plan to add a bug report to gtk+ to comment this issue, and
hopefully "response-id" will become a real child-property in the future, but
not sure when and what will be the final form of such a patch.  I want first
to concentrate on the glade side of things.)


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