[Glade-devel] Glade 2.0.1 and C++ support

Dear Pierre,

I will add them back soon.
Thanks for telling your need.


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I know and I've downloaded it. What I mean here is that the
"Project > Project Options ..." dialog box has no more the
"Language :" C, C++ radio buttons at the bottom as it were
the case for Glade 1.1.2 .

Is there any reason for removing this feature which proved
quite helpful ?

I know I haven't touched it. I even added the Ada option again for

Where did you get your Glade package from? It is possible that they
patched Glade to take the option out. If you ask them they'll probably
add it back.

I've got my binary package directly from the Zindows web site referenced
in Glade Home page, i.e. :

I'll get in contact with them to know the reasons (if any) behind this 



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