[Glade-devel] [Glade3] Problems with GtkTable

Hi Mickael,

Your solution looks good - I can confirm it works. I don't have CVS
write access, however!

The quality looks fine, but if you could clean up the indentation a
little and write a ChangeLog entry before patching that would be great.
Also, if you could change Min=1 instead of Min=0 in the
widgets/gtktable.xml that would be great. This just stops the rows or
cols size spin button from going to 0.

If you not aware of the diff method for patching from CVS see here:

Regards, Shane

On Thu, 2004-08-26 at 17:47, Cornet Mickael wrote:

I finaly found and correct the problem. I rewrite the
glade_gtk_table_set_n_common (GObject *object, GValue
*value, gboolean for_rows)

(glade-gtk.c line 405)


Like I said before, I am a beginner in GTK & Glade
developping so I prefer do not make a patch but submit
my version (I'm sure of my "GTK quality" of my work).
I can make a patch if my function is OK.

With this modification, we can add/remove rows/columns
without problems in Glade3. I hope it will interesting

I continue to use Glade3 and if I found other
problems, I'll post again.

Glade3 is a great work. Thanks.

(You can find my "patch function" as attachement)


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