[Glade-devel] [Glade3] Problems with GtkTable

Hi Mickael,

To me it seems gtk_table_resize() on line 469 seems to get the right
values but not actually resize the table!?!

Oh and BTW the values of Min in widgets/gtktable.xml should be 1 not

Hope this helps!?
- Shane

On Mon, 2004-08-23 at 18:13, Cornet Mickael wrote:

I have some problems with Glade3 when I use GtkTable.
The default size is 3x3 (rows x columns) but if I set
a 1x3 it draws a 3x3. if a set a number of row or
column >= 3 there is not problems, but when I set rows
<3, the table keep old size of 3x3 and when I set <3
columns, Glade 3 crash.

I begin to debug it, but I am not familiar with Glade
code. When it crash for column < 3, I crash in this

file: glade-gtk.c

406 glade_gtk_table_set_n_common (GObject *object,   
GValue *value, gboolean for_rows)

at the line 455

453 /* We need to completely remove it */
454 if (start >= new_size) {
455   gtk_container_remove (GTK_CONTAINER (table),
456     child->widget);
457    continue;
458 }

child = 0x0;

I'll try to solve it but if someboby can help me (I'm
not a glade expert ;o) )




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