[Glade-devel] Helping out

Paolo wrote:

On Wed, 2003-09-24 at 11:08, e98cuenc free fr wrote:
- make additionl catalogs really pluggable: this means having 
glade-gtk.so, glade-gnome.so, glade-gnome-db.so etc... 
currently we 
only have gtk widgets and we lack infrastructure to get 
the catalogs 
at run time (see the hack in glade-gtk.c for details)

I've been working on this point.  (I've not said anything 
in the last 
3 weeks 'cause I've been on a trip.)

Thats great!
(btw, I hope you enjoyed your trip)

The naming that I've picked is libglade{whatever}.{so,dll}, 
being the 
default shipped so libgladegtk.so.

fine by me, I wrote glade-gtk.so just because the file is glade-gtk.c.

I've just committed this change.
So now I think that we have everything we need to handle external
widgets automatically.
I'm also done with glade-widget-class, so please commit any pending


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