[Glade-devel] [patch, glade3] rework widget creation

Ok, I finally got the time to review the patch.

I was a bit hesitant at the beginning, as glade_command_{create,delete}
were not supposed to create or delete the widget, but just account for a
created or deleted widget on the project, but the change of meaning
makes sense, as the other glade_command_* really execute the action that
they are supposed to account for.

I just removed the glade_command_create_toplevel function, as it look a
bit too ad hoc to me, so I keep the creation of a widget with only

I also applied your no-warn patch, along with a fix to release allocated
GladeWidgets (not related to your code).

I will review your other patches asap.

Thank you for your work!


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Objet : [Glade-devel] [patch, glade3] rework widget creation
The attached patch is a rework of how a GladeWidget is created.=20
After the patch the code path to create a widget IMHO makes=20
more sense and matches better the one of widget deletion: the=20
fundamental change is that galde_command_create calls=20
glade_widget_new_from_class to create a widget and then adds=20
it to the project instead of being called by it.
The patch isn't small and touches various files, so I'm going=20
to explain the changes in detail below.
* glade-command.c: glade_command_create now takes the widget=20
class and the placeholder it should replace as args; it=20
creates the widget with glade_widget_new_from_class. Toplevel=20
widget are created with glade_command_create_toplevel.
* glade-placeholder.c: the placeholder (if present) is passed=20
to glade_command_create and then is passed on till=20
create_execute which takes care of replacing it, this way we=20
can delete glade_placeholder_replace_widget and simply call=20
* glade-widget.c: glade_widget_new now only take the widget=20
class as argument; glade_new_from_class takes also a project=20
arg so special casing for toplevels (which don't have=20
parent->project) is not needed anymore. I also deleted=20
glade_widget_new_from_class_name since it was not used=20
anywhere and a bad idea to begin with (if ever needed just=20
get the class from its name and then call=20
* glade_project_window.c: use glade_command_create_toplevel
* glade_property.c: fix up the caller of=20
glade_widget_new_from_class (I was a little unsure about this=20
little change since I am not familiar with property.c, but I=20
noticed that even if before widget->project was not=20
explicitly passed to the called function, there was a=20
g_return_if_fail (GLADE_IS_PROJECT (parent->project))... )
It seems to work here, but at the moment adding widget to=20
vbox etc it's broken so the patch isn't tested a lot, if you=20
see any problems let me know.
Sorry for being so verbose, I hope it all makes sense and it=20
doesn't conflict with your current work.

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