[Glade-devel] [glade3] problems with latest cvs

Paolo wrote:

I upgraded my working copy to the latest cvs and I have some 
problems: when I add a vbox or an hbox to a newly created 
window, the window is completely filled instead of being 
split in the usual three placeholders.

If instead I add a table, the placeholders are shown, but 
when I try to add a button glade segfaults:

(glade-3:7794): Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtkcontainer.c: line 428
(gtk_container_child_get_property): assertion `G_IS_VALUE 
(value)' failed
(glade-3:7794): Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtkcontainer.c: line 428
(gtk_container_child_get_property): assertion `G_IS_VALUE 
(value)' failed Segmentation fault

PS: I noticed from gnome bonsai that two changes to glade-gtk 
and glade-placeholder were commited along with my patch to 
clipboard-view. Since they are not mentioned in the 
changelog, were they intended? Just a heads up to make sure 
they were not committed by mistake.

They were committed by mistake.  I noticed it ~1 min after I committed
(by should I *always* discover the problems after I press that send
button... ;-)
I was tempted to remove the change, but as it was still compiling and
running, I decided to just fix it asap.

The problem is related to all containers.  I fixed soon after the first
(bogus) commit GtkWindow, and I hope to generalize the fix to all

For those that wonder, I'm generalizing the code that handle containers
as much as possible.  That it's part of an evil plan to remove most of
the cruft out of the xml files that describe the widgets (cruft ==
things that can be handled just using gtk+ instrospection), and make
glade3 as independent of individual widgets as possible.

If the current instability is bugging someone, I will put back the old
code and finish the one before committing it (that was after all my
original plan), but I hope that the current instability will be


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