[Glade-devel] [patch, glade3] insensitive Cut,Copy etc in popup menu

Il mer, 2003-05-14 alle 22:34, Joaquin Cuenca Abela ha scritto:
Paolo wrote:

Il dom, 2003-05-11 alle 22:37, Joaquin Cuenca Abela ha scritto:
Paolo, making the menu items insensitive when the action is not 
allowed will give you several love points ;-)

Here it is a ten minutes patch which should do.
For paste it works ok, note however that currently there is 
always a widget selected so copy, cut and delete end up being 
always sensitive. What I mean is that when you add a vbox and 
select one of its slots, even if is empty, copy/cut work: 
they put the whole vbox on the clipboard. I don't know if 
this is a bug or if it is the intended behaviour. If it is 
the intended behaviour can you suggest when the items should 
be unsensitive?

When the selected item is a placeholder.  Copying the container of the
placeholder when the selected item is the placeholder itself should be
considered a bug.

So my patch should be right at least conceptually (the check could be
made active_placeholder == NULL instead of active_widget != NULL, but at
the moment in practice it does not matter).

Selecting widget is then buggy... I don't know if it's the same bug, but
another bug shows up if you do the following: 
- create a new window
- add a vbox
- add a hbox inside each slot of the vbox
- try to select the placeholder of the second row and those of the first
row will be highlighted


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