[Glade-devel] Glade-3 bugs regarding opening Glade-2 files.

Ok, I've fixed 1 & 4.

2 & 3 will take a bit more time, as our support of menus & toolbars is
still not finished, but I will make sure that they load when we support
these items.

I'm still expecting bug to arise, but I hope that you will have to look
a bit harder to find them (just crossing my fingers ;-)

I've don't yet fixed the xml writter, so the format used to write and
the format used to read is a bit out of sync right now.  I will fix it

Thank you for your bug reports!


P.S.: As now I'm mainly using windows, and I don't have here a glade-2
windows' version, I'm not 100% sure that the results are exactly the
same ones as with glade-2, if someone can send me a link to the windows
version of glade-2, or screenshots of what am I supposed to see I will
be grateful :-)

Bas wrote:

Hello Joaquin,

Regarding opening Glade-2 files in Glade-3. The situation has 
improved, but as you expected there are still some more 
issues here. Attached a tar file with 4 simple glade-2 files 
failing to load:

-1 empty_window.glade. When you try to open a glade file 
where one of the objects does not have any child-widgets (ie 
empty window, empty row in Vbox etc) then the file can not be opened.

-2 pulldown.glade. When there is a pulldown on the screen, 
Glade-3 produces the error "Class not found GtkMenuItem" and 
the file can not be opened.

-3 toolbar.glade The error "Could not apply property from 
node: tooltips" is produced.

-4 fixed.glade. Pretty much all tests using a fixed layout 
fail. Glade-3 even aborts here.

I had many more errors, but they all had similar messages as 
described here. Will do more testing once fixes are in the 
product addressing theses issues.



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