[Glade-devel] RE: Glade 3.

Bas wrote:


Thanks for reply. Attached an example glade-2 (2.0.0) file,
which I cannot open with glade-3 (build from last weekend) 
Error "could not open project". The way I created it as follows:

-1 Open glade-2
-2 Create new window
-3 Add Verticalbox (3)
-4 Add Label in row 1
-5 Add Text entry in row 2
-6 Add button in row 3
-7 Save file.

As you can see a very basic screen containing essential controls.

Ok, now that I'm looking again this code, I'm finding lots of bugs.

Whoever wrote it definetively didn't like to handle error conditions
properly (nor to free things) :-(

Anyway, one of the bugs is that it don't convert underscores on
properties names from the glade file to hyphens.  I just can't believe
that none of the test files I tested didn't have any property with a '_'
in its name...

Then, glade3 was expecting to have a packing tag for each children node.
(I've fixed until this point.)

Now, it doesn't handles the case where the packing tag of a box doesn't
has a position property (and "doesn't handles" means "it segfaults").

I've fixed some of the segfaults, but not all of them, so the file still
don't reads.

I will finish it asap.


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