[Glade-devel] [PATCH/Glade-2.0.0] Re-enabling signal handler's "user_data" parameter

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Re: Hi!

Hello !  

I first thought that you had posted this message to the glade-devel mailing list, but after looking briefly 
in the recent archives I couldn't find your message.  I guessed you had emailed me directly, so I am replying 
to you directly too, and CC'ing to the glade-devel mailing list.

Do not hesitate to send your opinions (even repost your last email) to the glade-devel list about this 
particular "user_data" problem (if my assumption is right).  I am still a member of the glade-devel list, and 
its traffic is very low so this is good.  Posting to Glade-Devel would give everybody a chance to see your 
(our) point and maybe give us a little more consideration for the next release ( At least I hope thought, as 
this seems to be a rather simple problem ).  

Apart from the patch I've submitted last month to restore support for that "user_data" parameter (which is 
supposed to be attached to the email I've sent to the glade-devel mailing list labeled as: "[Glade-devel] 
[PATCH/Glade-2.0.0] Re-enabling signal handler's "user_data" parameter"), I am not usually working with the 
Glade team, but I am watching the mailing lists to get some news about the Glade development.  I use Glade 
for a personal project when my time permits it.

I've reattached the patch to this email -- the file is "callback_data_patch_for_glade-2.00.tar.gz" and is 845 
bytes long (you might have to uudecode-it or something like that if you attempt to get it from the mailing 
list I believe).  

I prefer to attach all these six patches to this email in a single gzipped tarball rather than 
copying/pasting them in an email and risking mixing lines from all the six different files and looking rather 
complicated...etc.  Just use regular the patch to patch the six source files from the glade-2.0.0 sources and 
then just rebuild glade-2.0.0 with all defaults to reactivate the "user_data" parameter in Glade-2.0.0.

It worked for me, and I've done a couple tests.  It breaks the XML file format compatibility with other 
Glade-2 versions, of course.  But it does my required job of enabling the "user_data" parameter in signal 
handlers for now.

Re: I've been also wondering why the "data" field on glade-2 was disabled.
Re: After reading the old mailing lists of glade, I found actually no really reasonable reasons why glade 
shouldn't support the "signal data".

That's what I think too.  I can't think of a reasonable reason to chop a simple (and userful feature) like 
the "user_data" parameter.  At first when I've upgraded from the Gnome-1.4 version of Glade (0.6.4) and I 
noticed that in the Gnome-2.0 version of Glade (2.0.0) the "user_data" field had been removed from the 
Signals tab, I thought that this was another *VERY FRUSTRATING* (sorry for my language but this is how I 
generally feel about Gnome 2.0) "Doctor's knife cut-game attempt" at simplifying (i.e. "mainstreaming") the 
UI appearance for Dummies (i.e. some sort of General Feature Chop) like the one they're currently playing 
with almost everything in the UI in Gnome 2.X ( in comparison with Gnome 1.4 )...  

Geez, I hate it when someone removes userful features.  Gnome-1.4's way was great as far as I'm concerned. 

That's why I haven't fully upgraded to Gnome 2.X still, and I am still running a combination of Gnome 1.4 
(main desktop) with most of the Gnome-2.0 libraries installed TOO until I can get everything I had working 
before with Gnome 1.4 to work with Gnome 2.X.
Re: This was one of the argument: http://rpmfind.net/tools/glade/messages/0511.html , which is fine and nice, 
but why should this argument hinder glade to fully support the powerful signal concept of gtk?

Yeps, it *seems* like a good reason, at least for the "Object" parameter (which I *REALLY* find complicated 
myself and I think they've got a point there), but *DEFINITELY NOT* for something as simple as "user_data".

If they stick to the idea of chopping every good features (like this one) in the next versions of Glade, 
then, "just too bad", I'll be happy to use my "home-made-patch"-ed version of Glade-2.0 for all my personal 
development needs.  That's the beauty of Open Source, at the very least... :)  

If my patch gets incorporated in future versions, I'll be happy too to contribute to a great Open Source 
project.  Either way, I shall be happy and respect everybody's opinion, even if I don't agree on everything 

Re: Please.... I don't want to restart old discussed subject again, but why is it not possible to support the 
signal data, all I read in the source code is the following comments:
Re:   /* Hide the data & object properties since they make signals too complicated.
Re:      But we'll leave them in for a while so we don't break old apps. */
Re: What is that "too complicated" thing?
Re: best regards,
Re: Soewono Effendi

It *IS* possible if you use my patch on Glade-2.0.0.  

To get a full answer I suppose we'll have to ask this to other people on the mailing list.  I honestly don't 
see a reason to chop this simple, useful, and in my humble opinion necessary, feature.

Thanks for your "moral support" ;-).

Glade is great.


Jeannot Langlois
B. Sc. Computer Science
jeannot12 AT linuxmail DOT org
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