[Glade-devel] Re: glade code generation

On Thu, 2003-02-27 at 00:36, Owen Taylor wrote:

If you generate C code with glade:

 - You get C code which isn't related to how you write code by
   hand. But if you don't know better, you'll copy anyways.

I don't really agree here. For the most part it uses pretty normal GTK+

   (Why is this code calling gtk_widget_set_name()

That is a project option, 'Set widget names', and is off by default.
It was originally added to help when using rc files, since it is
easier to identify widgets by their name. It may also help with a11y.
(libglade sets widget names as well.)

and ref'ing every widget?)

That was a patch from Tim Janik. It is to avoid having an invalid
pointer if a widget in the interface is removed. In glade-2 we use
macros to do all this, and place it after the main code, so it is a lot
nicer than the old glade code.


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