[Glade-devel] memory problems using libglade2

On Tue, 2003-02-11 at 02:29, Bas Driessen wrote:
Hello All,
I am using libglade for displaying screens in my applications. This
whole concept works great, however I have a memory problem. It appears
that libglade keeps on using more memory while running the application
and it appears that it never releases any memory when closing screens
for instance. I have created a small reproducible below and I hope
somebody can help me find the problem. 
I am using RedHat Linux 8.0 with glade 1.1.3 and libglade 2.0.1
The test application does the following. It opens a screen with a
button. By pressing the button it opens a 2nd screen with a button. By
pressing that button the 2nd screen is destroyed and screen1 is the
active screen again.
Open a 2nd terminal window and run a tool as "top" for instance. On my
machine the %MEM starts at 4.2 and after it opening and closing the
screen in my test application it goes relatively quickly up to 5 and
further. I realize that this is a small test application, but with my
big application, memory is filling up in very quick.
I hope that or anyone can point me out the problem in my (small piece
of) source code below, or confirm that there are memory problems to be
expected when using libglade.

NEVER trust top's output about memory. Memory handling is complicated,
you can't just judge the memory usage by looking at top's numbers. The
memory usage you see probably includes shared memory, buffers, caches,
and I don't know how many more things.

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