[Glade-devel] Glademm can now set up a libglade skeleton project

Hello Murray (libglademm maintainer),
Hello Gtkmm developers,
Hello glademm users,

One of my long planned projects has now come true: Since the brand new 
1.1.3f release glademm is now able to create a libglade skeleton project 
(declare and define empty signal handler, connect them etc.).

These are the drawbacks I'm aware of
- glademm wraps all widgets (not only the ones which are needed)
- glademm extensions to custom widgets don't work (e.g. templates, C++ 
classes etc.)
- "separate class" can not work (would require libglade modification)
- "--libglade" code needs some project features which are turned on via 
"--libglade-support" in for normal (statically compiled in) glademm 
projects [e.g. detection and inclusion of libglade].

The first one is easy to address. I would like to hear about your 
experience with this feature (mailto:glademm-list gnome org preferred).


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