[gitg] Build failes due to missing threading support


This is my first mail in this list, so, hello everybody!

I just tried to build the latest gitg from the git repository, because I
wanted to try it out and maybe help a little bit (don't know yet if I'm
good enough...) by fixing bugs and maybe implementing features.
Sadly, building fails due to missing threading support in libgit2-glib
with the following error:

checking for libgit2-glib threading support... configure: error: no,
please recompile a threadsafe version of libgit2 (-DTHREADSAFE:BOOL=ON)

So I recompiled libgit2 with -DTHREADSAFE:BOOL=ON and libgit2-glib, as
well. But the error is still there and I don't know why. Do you have any
idea how I could fix this?

Best regards,

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