Re: [gitg] How to change the font of sourceview ?

As far as I remember, all the source views take the font from the monospace-font-name key in the org.gnome.desktop.interface gsettings schema. Unless you are talking about the commit message area, which never got the font configured. You might be able to override that font using a user defined gtk css file, overriding the style for the widget with the name text_view_comment.


2013/8/22 Jukka Koskimäki <jukka koskimaki gmail com>
Hello !

I have enjoyed using gitg version 0.2.7 in ArchLinux on top of KDE.
It is really fast and nicely responsive !

Also, it looks good and follows my gtk settings.ini. for other parts than sourceview -part.

So, my problem is that I do not know how to change the font and its size of sourceview-part ?

Could you give some hints how to tackle that ?
Is there some setting in gtk settings.ini ?

My settings so far :

gtk-font-name=Verdana Regular 7

Thanks, Jukka 

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