Re: Refactoring spawning feature

Guilhem Bonnefille wrote:
Hi Jesse,

(I have difficulties currently to rework my contrib, but I plan to do
this I next days/weeks)

I saw that you recently added a support for setting environment. Is it
the definitive solution? Should I addapt my work to this design or
should I addapt your design to my previous design?
No, it's just because I needed something to do that. I really like the separation of the command and the actual runner.
2009/6/18 Guilhem Bonnefille <guilhem bonnefille gmail com>:

After many hours to experiment, work, rework, I finally publish an
initial version of my refactoring.

Currently, this branch contains only a refactoring. I keep my new
feature (setting environment) in a private topic branch for now.
I expect comments about this job before to go ahead.

Note: I'm thinking about moving "input" of a command from GitgRunner
function argument to GitgCommand attribute. This will simplify one
more time the gitg_repository_ and this will be cleaner: such data is
part of the command to run, no part of the caller.
What's your opinion?
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