[GNOME girl] Preprint: NR Channel-S / Aamot, Ole: Immediate Radio flux in GNOME Radio fields confirmed (June 14, 2021)


Ole Aamot's 2021 Preprint in the NR research project Channel-S is now
available on http://www.gnomeradio.org/Aamot-2021.pdf

Quote from NR's Channel-S research project Report (2005)

"2.6 Radio Stream, 2003-A1
As part of ChannelS NR has been streaming the radio frequency 99.3 in
Oslo, 24/7. The radio
stations sharing the frequency are: Radio Nova, the Oslo student radio;
radiOrakel, the worlds
first “women’s radio” and Radio Tellus, an immigrant radio. The project
started out as an audio
streaming project, utilising open source software. The signals are
picked up on a radio receiver,
sent to the audio card of a PC, encoded in several qualities of MP3,
stored to the disk and
streamed to the net.
As all transmissions was stored to disk, the possibility of indexing it
and re-playing old
transmissions were present. Utilities were made to create pointers to
particular parts of a
transmission. These utilities are used, mainly by Tellus Radio. Tellus
transmit in several
languages including Urdu, Tamil, Spanish and English. They make
pointers to the different
programs, like today’s transmission in Urdu. From our logs and from e-
mail we know that
these links are used from e.g. Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
A data model based on EBU, Dublin Core and other standards were
produced, together with
routines for utilising the generated database. Utilities to register
programs and to automatically
make program listing were made. None of the radios has started using
these utilities."

Immediate Radio flux in GNOME Radio fields confirmed (June 14, 2021)

Immediate Radio flux was confirmed by Erik Valebrokk, radio host of
Stjernepose, NRK P13 on June 14, 2021, and can be proofed by running
gnome-internet-radio-locator version 11.11 in Oslo, Norway tuned into
NRK P13.  GNOME Settings for Privacy / Location must be enabled on in
GNOME 40 on Fedora Core 34 to run the software

Software (11.11):

Preprint (2021)

Homepage (WWW):

Ole Aamot

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