Re: [girl-list] GNOME Internet Radio Locator (GIRL) version 1.1.0

Hi Dominique,

On Thu, 2015-01-22 at 11:44 +0100, Dimstar / Dominique Leuenberger
Hi Ole

On Sat, 2015-01-17 at 23:20 +0100, Ole Aamot wrote:
GNOME Internet Radio Locator (GIRL) version 1.1.0 is freely available.

GIRL is the GNOME Internet Radio Locator program that allows the users
to easily find and record live radio programs on radio broadcasters on
the Internet.

GIRL 1.1.0 supports search by location for the 42 supported Internet
radio stations and is available in 9 languages.

Thanks for the actually rather great tool.. I was missing something like

Thanks for the build patch for GIRL!  GIRL 1.2 now builds on Ubuntu too,
due to your patch.

I started looking at packaging it up for openSUSE, but had some 'issues'
with it

Thanks for packaging GIRL for openSUSE!

There are ArchLinux, Debian, Fedora and Ubuntu binary packages so far.

GIRL was developed for the GNOME desktop and requires one audio helper
such as Totem ( to be installed for
playback and StreamRipper ( to be
installed for recording live radio streams of supported radio stations.

It's a bit a shame that this uses GTK2 and libgnomeui.. both quite
outdated imho, but that's a choice.

The GIRL software project began in 2002, so the source is quite old and
depend on the GNOME 2.0 libraries from 2002 and I don't plan to rewrite
it before, say, GIRL 2.0.  Which libraries would you recommend instead?

The problem I had, though, was that building with -Wl,--as-needed does
not work. I started looking into it, but 'gave up' as the build system
is setup anything but 'in a normal' way ( injectss directly
output from pkg-config, instead of finding the flags during configure
and similar things).

Thanks for fixing it!

If you want, I can have a stab of rewriting part of the build system to
get this more standardized: having configure check for the libs,
extracting the flags, and Makefile only referencing those results.

Your build system patch (Bugzilla #743340) is included in GIRL 1.2.

The station list is available in XML from

Got already one more test station added to my local file... will test a
bit more and get it back to you.

Thank you!


\ o.O|  Ole Aamot, oka oka no,
   U    "Meow!"

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