[Gimp-web] Retiring from the project


I'm retiring from the project. I have neither time, nor motivation to
give it enough attention anymore, so let's make way for somebody else.

Website. I have a nice huge mindmap of onboarding content for new
contributors. I made that plan in Sep 2021, unfortunately, I couldn't
execute on it, sorry. If anyone's interested, here it is:

Social media. Two more people have admin access to the Facebook
account, one of them has been running it for close to two years now, I
think, and is otherwise active in the project. Noone except me uses
the Twitter account, but I already re-registered it to social@ months
ago specifically to make sure my departure doesn't jeopardize the
operation. I'll give the current password over a safe communication
channel (and will strongly suggest changing it) to anyone willing to
take over. I can maintain the Twitter account for another 30 days.
Hopefully, someone will step up prior to that. I'll also do my best to
consult anyone having problems maintaining the social accounts after
the Twitter account has been taken over. Email or Telegram
(@prokoudine) is fine.

UI/docs translations. I will probably continue updating the UI
translation at least until v3.0 release, if I find the time. I have no
plans to update the translation of the user manual.

Dev access. My developer's access to git will have to be removed after
v3.0 release (or immediately, whichever you prefer). I cannot do
anything about it myself because GNOME's Gitlab setup is effed up
beyond acceptable: it won't restore my password, and I don't care
enough to jump through hoops they invented for whatever reason. So
you'll have to kick me out manually :)

Good luck!


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