Re: [Gimp-web] Gimp website tutorial pages

bsmith dvelup com (bsmith dvelup com) wrote:
I will be directing users of our new website to the Gimp website.
I would like to be able to display your website in an iframe on our website, particularly the tutorial 
pages. This would really help our users to access your tutorials

Would this be possible? 

You may link to our tutorials from your web site freely, provided the
content from is shown unmodified and the user gets to see the
URL of the original tutorial in the location bar of the browser.

The browsers provide a convenient way to get back to your web site
easily, by clicking the "back" button in their browsers UI.

Please do *not* embed our content via iframes, as this would make it
quite hard for your users to share our content with their friends and
fellows. It also protects us from scammers, who present our content as

Thanks for your understanding,

              simon budig de    

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