Re: [Gimp-web] Add Bitcoin Cash or Monero donation address

Hi Piotr,

I'll forward this to the mailing list because you sent it only to me.

And just to clarify: There is no need to add another address. The current
address works for both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, and the same private key
that would be used to access the Bitcoin at the address can be used to
access the Bitcoin Cash. It just requires a different client.

Best regards

On 20 December 2017 at 05:32, Piotr Kąkol <piotrkakol protonmail com> wrote:

Sure, I'm definitely fine with adding the same Bitcoin Cash address. When
BCH address is added I'll assume that someone also checked if they had
access to both wallets and I'll then send a donation. So I'd be thankful
for the check.

Best regards,

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Since the same public and private key is used for Bitcoin cash, it would
be sufficient to update the website description to state that both Bitcoin
and Bitcoin Cash are accepted at the current address. There is no need for
an additional wallet until you want to spend the Bitcoin Cash at the

On another note, I would suggest making sure that the private key for the
address is secure, because the Bitcoin donations on it are worth over
$350,000 now, and the Bitcoin Cash over $40,000.

Best regards

On 19 December 2017 at 11:09, Piotr Kąkol via gimp-web-list <
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The only cryptocurrency you can donate to Gimp devs is Bitcoin.
​Bitcoin is useless for donations in this state because of huge fees.
You can check out this fee chart comparing Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and
Monero fees in the last 3 months:

The average fee for BTC is over $25 at this moment. How much someone
would have to want to donate to justify that fee?

It would be cool if you provided official Bitcoin Cash and/or Monero

Best regards,
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