[Gimp-web] About an online school for GIMP

I could not find where to address this -- 'Contacting Us' at gimp.org did not give me any better hint.
Please forward this as you like. Thanks.


My name is John Geropoulos and i am working on an online e-Learning system about image authoring.
My choice for the software was: GIMP.

It is all about an online school, which may be considered as a *GIMP School* as well.
You can see information in this URL:

Before publishing the school on the web,
i would like some kind of "recognition" from the GIMP team.
That is, a simple word to just say that this school is worth of something and someone can benefit. I would be grateful if some 'official' judgement is made and i receive a right to use for example a logo or a recommendation.

The school was initially built in the greek language - intented for greek users - but later i translated the first part to english, making it accessible to english-speaking users as well. So please note that it has not been translated completely - it is a lot of work for me -
but it will be completed at some time in the future.


I have no idea where to send this message,
so please forward it to someone who you think might be interested.
Thank you,
best wishes,

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