Re: [Gimp-web] Proposal: gimp-web-revamp

On Wed, Jan 7, 2015 at 4:24 PM, Cristobal wrote:
On 06/01/15 20:13, Pat David wrote:
I'm available to help where needed as well.  Might want to keep things like
the product vision ( in mind as

Awesome, thanks! In the next few days I'll update the proposal
considering Pelican (in Python) + Apache and I'll post it back to the
list. I'll also consider the product vision to update the design.

On Tue Jan 06 2015 at 5:03:49 PM Samuel Ricks <wcpyro gmail com> wrote:

I'm not a designer - but I do think the site could be really improved with
some more content and information. I would be happy to help with
Javascript, PHP, or anything else that needs doing.

Thanks! For now, all I'm using is HTML+CSS and a little bit of JS (more
specifically, jQuery). I'm also using dummy content on the design
proposal but I'll try to update it following the product vision.

Hi Cristobal,

Any news? Do you need assistance with something?


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