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On 06/01/2015 10:01 PM, Pallissard, Matthew wrote:

Hi Matthew,

I just saw how you guys are all over the internet about your software
being distributed.

Yeah. Especially when it happens in unexpected ways, from sites one has
long since abandoned and considered to be in an immutable state...

Are you in need in any more mirrors (Miami, Fl United States) or are
you under-utilizing your resources as is?

We can certainly use more up-to-date mirrors, thanks.

What's currently not as good as it should be:

1. Delays...

Sometimes people who offer mirrors wait a long time before we add them.
I consider this my fault, because it depends on my available time, but I
also don't ask for help with that...

2. Using the mirrors, actually...

What we are doing with mirrors right now? We give them rsync access, and
include them in the list of mirrors on our downloads pages.

Most mirrors, but not all of them - and unfortunately some of the
currently still outdated ones - are also listed as web seeds in our
torrent files, as fallback if no other seeders are available.

There's currently no real way for users to select a different mirror to
download a file (other than navigating through their directory structure
themselves), and rebuilding the torrent files would also have to be done
manually right now.

I know that this can be solved by using tools like e.g. mirrorbrain, but
I am shying away from installing any running dynamic stuff for all user
accesses server :)

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