[Gimp-web] My web server is at your disposal

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a fan of GIMP and I would like to offer my assistance with web hosting. I have a very fast dedicated 
server and would like to offer to host any web sites and files related to GIMP on it. I actively monitor and 
update the server. I have a variety of existing setups for user access and can offer ssh, http, sftp and VNC 
access to the primary maintainer(s) of the web content. I am a perfectionist and hold high standards for 
myself and I only accept high standards from others.

I realize that I am a stranger, but I noticed that I had connectivity issues with using the GIMP web site. If 
you would allow me to provide the GIMP team with this free service of hosting your web site and files, you 
will not regret it. I have several hundred GB of available space for whatever you like; my only requirement 
is that it is decent and legal. My server has 100 terabytes of monthly bandwidth and has a 1 Gbps network 
speed and has more than enough processing power and disk speed. I would greatly enjoy contributing to the 
GIMP project in this way. I would offer to mirror the files, but I want to do even more than that. My server 
is at your disposal.

Please contact me at my e-mail address here if I may be of assistance. I can also use IRC or Skype.

Robert Walliczek
googlybash24 aol com (e-mail)
liquid.spark (Skype)


Jesus cares for you.

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