Re: [Gimp-web] Mirrors Dropped from official list.


I'm not sure why there were removed, so I'm hoping someone can chime in
with some info if possible.

Not sure how the mirrors are listed at the moment, but I can have a look
early next week.


On Saturday, March 15, 2014, Otto Ortega <ortega x3 gmail com> wrote:

Hello guys,

I have the following mirrors for GIMP running since several months ago,
they were removed from the official list for some reason, I made a request
to get it added again a few weeks ago but never got a reply, so I was
wondering if it will be possible to have them added to the list once again.

We sync once a day and have several TB of bandwidth available, the
locations of the mirrors and access information is:

 + Japan

 + AU

 + BR

I will appreciate your response to see if they will be added to the list,

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pat david

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