[Gimp-web] Testing branch and http://testing.gimp.org


as a first step to get http://www.gimp.org built automatically from the
gimp-web master branch, I've created a testing site and a testing branch:

(as you can see, it lacks the news items from www.gimp.org - those are
the only dynamic part of the site)

(pretty much indistinguishable from the master branch)

See the following pages for info about how to check out this branch and
have it track its remote:


How it works

Our web host, cube.gtk.org, is set up to check the branch for changes
every five minutes; and if there are any, pulls them and builds the site
into the document root of the http://testing.gimp.org site.

If this works well, I'll set up the same for http://www.gimp.org

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