[Gimp-web] New Dutch Gimp YouTube channel


Last someone told me about The gimp and asked me if I knew anything about
it. I couldn't stand the fact that I had to answer negative, so I
downloaded Teh Gimp and immediately fell in love with the program. I have
worked with Adobe Photoshop for years, but now I'm working much more often
with Gimp instead.

Because I was looking for Dutch tutorials, I found out there are not so
many tutorials in Dutch so I decided to start my own YouTube Channel named:
Cursus gimp met Mariel (translation: course of Gimp with Mariel)

I'm writing these tutorials for beginners at first, slowly making my
video's more complicated.

I was wondering if it's possible to place a link to my YouTube channel on

Mariella Everling

p.s. When I really earn money with the ads on YouTube I plan to donate a
percentage to Gimp.

*Digit Art Mariel*  info mariel nl |  www.digit-art-mariel.nl |
www.mariel.nl |

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