[Gimp-web] Would like to be a new user

First I would like to say that all the information you supply is very detailed but a little hard to find. It appears that you have covered the almost everything one would need to know. The trade off between a little hard to find and not presenting the information one can possibly need is tricky. I think you have balanced as far as I can tell. The program is ok as far as I can tell. I would like to know more about your program but one thing I can't get around and allow me to use your "Tutorials" is this: The graphic coloring scheme is user defeating. What I mean is that by using white text on colored backgrounds make it tiring to view to my eyes and dissemble/think about what you are attempting to convey. I can not get by your color presentation. It is "very painful" on the eyes. I realize that many thousands of folks have used this program and are probably not bothered by the color mode. You might want to poll your users and ask them if they would object to change to simple black on white schemes in the web tutorials and informational instructions? I believe color adds to the presentation --boarders, icons and the like. but not for reading text on a computer.

Again kudos for the Gimp Image Editor.
Graphic background: ProE, Autocad, PS Pro.

I hope this one criticism will not be taken personally. This is meant to be a well meaning suggestion and I hope others agree and feel the same way I do with regards to eye strain.
Thank You,

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