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Hi all,

I'm new here. Isn't it easy to use Jekyll with GitHub pages to host the

For the starters using wiki we can do the basic wireframe/ spec. And would
be faster to manage and build the actual thing.


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?? Alexandre, why not? You're right, list of specs, wireframing, etc.
should be done. Also, Google Analytics could be very useful.

@Dustin no, plain HTML/CSS(actually I use Jekyll to build pages, but
they're all static), I didn't even use any UI framework like Twitter

@Philipp I don't think so, I had a hard time looking for this mailing list
and for source code. The only thing changed in seven years( is only
the banner and the "Make a donation" button. Lots of things have changed in
these years, we now have HTML5 and CSS3, and responsive design is the
standard now.

@Michael I understand, but the ultimate goal is to improve the website.


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