Re: [Gimp-web] [Gimp-docs] [Gimp-developer] Proposed gimp tutorial


I had finally gotten my build environment setup for gimp-web, and was
intending to integrate your tutorial into the site, but Marco beat me to
it. :)

Unlike him, I do have an apache environment setup that mirrors gimp-web, so
can test these things as well (this goes for Marco as well - if you need me
to check if things are working just ask).

I'm not sure what might have happened with the <pre>'s, as spurious "<" and
">" shouldn't cause a problem (down the path of regex'ing html leads

In the future, if you can stick to standard html tags, we can handle
translation to gimp-web for you.  don't worry about anything other than the
raw tutorial stuff (heading tags <h1,2,3,etc>, <pre>, <p>, <img>, <span>,
<div>).  Just write it normally, and we'll handle the rest.

If you do use strange things, just notify us ahead of time, and we can sort
it out.

Also, if you wouldn't mind, consider the licensing moving forward (I'm sure
Marco already spoke with you about this).  We'd prefer something permissive
like cc-by-(sa), cc0, gfdl (I think).  If you use any images in your
tutorial, make sure the rights are cleared for use, and if there is anyone
recognizable in the images, please have model releases for them as well.

pat david

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