Re: [Gimp-web] Web mirror

On 04.10.2013 20:25, NickKolok wrote:
 Greetings from Russia, comrads!

I am from Voronezh State University, Mathematical Faculty (Departament)  and maybe we can create a mirror 
for GIMP downloads on our server, but I must have a talk witn my dean first. So, I need to know:
1) How often should we update the mirror?
2) How many megabytes should we use? How big are the files to download?

Have a look at the Download mirrors section of

The overall amount should be more or less correct, for individual files
you could have a look at the ftp server itself.

If there's nothing to sync, the periodic rsync shouldn't amount to much.
We do not have any statistics available about how much each mirror is
used, though.

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